Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Wedding Reception!!!

Yesterday my oldest baby girl was married.  Ok, she isn't a baby anymore, she is 27.  But she will always be my baby..

A simple ceremony with the Mayor at City Hall and an extremely simple reception.  She only gave me one week to prepare and money was very tight this week.

I made a very simple cake.  I had to use 1 loaf pan and 1 round  pan.  This cake was just for the ride and groom.  I hated it, my icing didn't set right.  If I had the extra $$$ it would have hit the trash and I would have bought one!  lol   She insisted she loved it.  I used a simple figurine from the Dollar Tree as a topper.  And the picture isn't good but I created the cake stand from a vase and plate from the same store also.  I made roughly 3 dozen cupcakes for all the other guest and dusted those with colored sugar.

Using my Cricut machine I put her new last initial in vinyl on two glass gotten from.......You guessed it! 
Dollar Tree!  All in all I wish I could have done more.  But with not much notice and hardly any dollars I think it came out fine.  She loved it and said it was fantastic!!  But even though it wasn't perfect, we made wonderful memories yesterday and that is what matters the most!
Oh!!  I almost forgot!!  The bouquet was made from more Dollar Tree finds!  Love that store!!!

Bride and Groom at City Hall and the other picture below is some of my family.  Sadly 2 daughters weren't able to be here.  One lives out of state and the other one was at work.


  1. It looks like a great reception...Yeeks! one weeks notice, I don't know how you pulled anything off! I just know that dollar tree has probably been the biggest supplier of wedding paraphernalia.


  2. Way to pull the wedding together in a pinch!Thanks for visiting my blog.