Friday, April 15, 2011

Playing Around

Last night I was feeling the need to create and while the grand babies were watching TV and grabbed some yarn.

I made a WASH CLOTH!  Now I know you are thinking, WOO! A wash cloth.  Well I was impressed with myself.  lol

Now you are thinking. HEY! This looks like the dish rag post.  Well, it isn't.  Different color and different use! hahaha

Seriously though, it isn't perfect, I need to keep practicing and it will get better in time.  Besides that, if someone comes over and is really upset over the look of a wash cloth then they need more help then I can give them,

I was looking at our wash cloths the other day and knew I needed to break down and buy new ones.  But since I ALWAYS get the bulk of my yarn at GW, thrift shops, or yard sales, making new ones are pretty cheap and I can do it while watching TV in the evenings.

Very excited that it is finally staying warm so I can dig out projects that require out side work!!!!

See you soon!!!

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