Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A New Little Something I Tried!!

The other day I was going thru some of my junk ( I mean craft supplies) and I found some left over yarn.  I really like to crochet while watching TV at night so I grabbed it and a hook and started playing with it.  Not sure what I was gonna do I finally settled on making
 dish rags.
Now these are not perfect by a long shot.  The first one came out larger then I expected but still usable and the smaller one came out neater looking.  All and all I don't think I did to bad of a job.  I believe I will get better as time goes by.  But I figured HEY!  I am using them to wash dirty dishes with so why sweat it?!?!   I do plan on making more and being really careful because I believe I hit upon a  cool Christmas idea!!!! 

Sorry it took a while to post again but work is a little crazy right now.. 
Check back soon because  I have a lot of projects bouncing around in my head and will be getting started soon!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!

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