Monday, March 7, 2011

It's A Party!!!!

Saturday was a busy and crazy day and I loved every minute of it!!

My grandson Alex will be 5 this Wednesday so we held his party this past Saturday.

Spider man was the theme and cousins came from near and far to attend.  Out of 13 grandchildren we got to enjoy 12 of them here.  Like I said it was a crazy day!

We had cupcakes but his aunt made him a 3 milk cake(a family favorite and also part of  most of the grandchildren's Hispanic heritage  She came in from Kentucky and discovered that running her car's heater caused the writing to run a little.  But let me tell you, it taste AWESOME!!!!

And last but not least is the birthday boy himself.  I can't believe how big he has grown.  All the grandbabies are growing like weeds and I have to struggle to keep up with them.

I didn't post all the pictures I have because there are like 34 of them and that would have made for one heck of a post!

Tomorrow, come visit me to be introduced to the new love of my life!!  See you then!!!

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